Rachel Elizabeth Stermer: Certified Doula, CD & MAT #13891

808-634-9084 / rachel@dharmadoula.com, www.DharmaDoula.com

My journey has always focused on healing, community, and service. Deeply inspired to follow this path, I couldn’t help but notice that wherever I walked, I always found myself surrounded by amazing women, guiding me towards the magical gateway of birth.


In 2010, women and families began to offer me the opportunity to work with them formally, during the childbearing year. I supported birthing families with bodywork and began offering services as a Postpartum Doula. In 2012, I actively pursued learning more about this endlessly fascinating time of life by completing training with The Matrona, a Holistic Midwifery program based in Asheville, NC. Simultaneously, I mentored with a Postpartum Doula and received advanced postpartum education through DONA.


Over the years, I have practiced as both a bodyworker and a birth worker, especially loving the amazing opportunity to work with healing as it pertains to new life and families. Always inspired to keep learning and sitting in circle with women, I recently graduated from The Sacred Birthing School, on the Island of Kaua’i. I’m so honored and excited to offer families my spectrum of knowledge and flowering practice in the realm of birth, women, community and healing.



Training & Education